Article 1: Object of the registration process

Registration concerns the applicable amount of delegates as selected and includes the benefits included in the ticket/registration description

Article 2: Terms of payment
Payment in full per delegate is required to cover the expenses incurred by Kinetic for your booking and participation at the selected event/s.

Registration fees are non refundable.

Cooling Off Period
Seven business days (excluding weekends and public holidays) after the date on which the order was placed. Delegates exercising their cooling off right must do so in good faith.

Article 3: Organisers Obligations
Kinetic has an obligation to use all reasonable means to achieve the desired result. Kinetic retains the right to change the program of the event. Kinetic shall inform the Guest of such a circumstance. Kinetic retains the right to change the venue; date of the event and or to cancel the event by written notification to the guest. In case of cancellation Kinetic shall provide the guest with a refund.

Article 4: Delegate’s Obligations
The delegate undertakes to execute in good faith his obligations and is responsible for ful lling his duty of cooperation toward the organiser as well as toward the staff, during the duration of the event. The delegate shall ll in the pre course questionnaire and workshop choice sheet given by the organiser and hand it back as soon as possible, in all cases before the start of the event. A Delegate who finds himself / herself unable to attend may be represented by another executive of his company of similar stature, upon acceptance by the organiser. Any further communication after the signature of the foregoing, specifically any claims from the delegate must be made in written form by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt sent to the organizers address. All claims are valid only within two months after the closing date of the event.

Article 5: Insurance-exclusion liability
Under no circumstances shall Kinetic bear liability for any damage or loss which might occur to persons and/ or properties during the event, including specifically disturbances of possession and all commercial losses. Since the organiser’s insurance does not cover the guest, it is up to the latter to subscribe to third party liability insurance. An insurance voucher can be requested at any time by the organiser.

Article 6: Disclosure clause of collected information
The data controller is Kinetic Events. Kinetic may only use an individual delegate’s information for the purpose of sending to the individual delegate details of its services or those offered its marketing partners or members of its group. Kinetic may also disclose such personal information to its suppliers.

Article 7: Delegate’s abandonment of any attached privilege
By the foregoing, the delegate explicitly and unequivocally abandons any attachment of privilege he might benefit from because of his nationality or because of the kind of obligation he entered into, in the case of a possible dispute with the organiser.